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Why is ELLIE Cosmetics #beautydefined?

September 15, 2019

Beauty is the ascription of a property or characteristic to an animal, idea, object, person or place that provides a perceptual experience of pleasure or satisfaction. Beauty is studied as part of aesthetics, culture, social psychology, philosophy and sociology. An "ideal beauty" is an entity which is admired, or possesses features widely attributed to beauty in a particular culture, for perfection.

Beauty should come from within. How you feel about yourself and how you treat others, should determine beauty. ELLIE Cosmetics believes whether you decide to wear makeup or not does not dictate your beauty. We believe that beauty is what you make it. We would like for all women to know you don't need to alter your looks to be beautiful; Alter your perception of beauty. ELLIE Cosmetics believes women define beauty. ELLIE Cosmetics is #beautydefined.

Women come in all shapes and sizes as well as hues. This tapestry is beauty at its best.

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