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Finding the Perfect Shade

January 21, 2021

With everything, have fun and experiment. If you are afraid to take that initial step, consider these guidelines for picking that perfect shade:

  • Nude lips look great with just about anything. ELLIE Cosmetics has several great nude shades. Check these out when looking for the perfect nude shade: Cafe Au Lait, Mocha, Curacao, and Majestic Mocha. There are more to come.

  • Corals and Bold reds are our picks for Fair Skin. Bloody Mary and Darlin Nicki are always our first picks in this category. But there is always Firebomb Red, Melon Drop, and Golden Pink.

  • Pink undertones should consider pinks, corals, and orangish red. ELLIE Cosmetics has Firebomb Red Frost, Pretty in Pink, Some Like It Hot Pink, and Darlin Nicki.

  • Those with Olive Toned Skin can wear just about anything! Our picks for olive skin are Bronze Bombshell, Hernessy, Krucible, and Supernova. Bronze and gold tones are always hot.

  • Yellow undertones should always opt for reds that have a blue base tone. Note, nudes and bronze colors work like a dream. Consider these colors when choosing: Bloody Mary, Majestic Mocha, Cafe Au Lait, Mocha, Bronze Bombshell, and Supernova.

  • Dark Skin can wear anything and everything bold and vibrant.

Remember, this author believes you can wear any and every color if you have the confidence and self-awareness to pull it off.

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