I combine Femininity and Intelligence Beautifully!!! Be the woman you know you are with ELLIE Cosmetics!!!

As a woman, I love luxurious cosmetics made with natural products. Vibrant Colors and velvety smooth application makes me feel beautiful and sexy, I feel better about being me.

Are you looking for natural ingredients?

Gourmet Olive Oil

Do you look for long lasting colors with out any luck?


Are you looking for that boost of confidence you see on others?

Two Models

I have always had this problem, never knowing if I was using a product that wouldn't break me out, or not knowing how if I made the right selection or if I even had had access to the colors to make me look my best.  I created ELLIE Cosmetics to fill the gaps I found in the beauty industry.

ELLIE Cosmetics is the SMART CHOICE for beauty.

ELLIE Cosmetics gives you the confidence to be the woman you know you can are with rich, vibrant colors infused with sunflower, jojoba, and shea oils. These formulations provide a velvety, powdery, and smooth feel with color that lasts all day, aiding moisturization.

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